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VepoClean is proud to offer an ultimate carpet cleaning solution

One-Stop-Shop Carpet Cleaning in Hoboken, NJ

VepoClean is proud to offer an ultimate carpet cleaning solution in Hoboken.  While special method is used to vacuum all carpets and rugs, we also offer a carpet shampoo service as an add-on.  Using the natural cleaning power of water and our specially formulated One-Stop-Shop Carpet Cleaning & Carpet Shampoo, our system’s revolving brushroll massages deep into carpet fibers for a thorough cleaning and rinsing. Our carpet shampoo process:

  • Easily removes non-vacuumable stains caused from grease, oils, spills and pet stains.
  • Cleans, reconditions and deodorizes your carpets and rugs
  • Dries quickly
Why call Cleveland Steamer to shampoo your carpets and rugs, when you can have VepoClean perform the same service at fraction of the cost as part of your overall home cleaning service? Did you know that actually the term “Steamer” is misleading?  Everyone in the industry is using the same 3-step process to clean your carpet: 1) Shampoo with hot water (hence the term “steam”) 2) Rinse with cold water 3) Extract water

Superior Hoboken Carpet Cleaning Solutions

First, even the most expensive vacuum cleaners actually rub more dirt and filth into your carpet than they collect.  The reason for this is simple: any vacuum cleaner, regardless of its price-point, utilizes porous bags or canisters to collect dirt and filters to collect dust from flying out of the machine into the air.  As anyone who ever vacuumed before knows that filters and/or bags must be changed regularly for maximum efficiency.  Why do you think that is?  Did you notice that even when the bag is not full with dirt, vacuum is hardly picking up anything?  The secret lies not in the amount of dirt in the bag, but clogged pores that diminish air flow.  Airflow is the key.  It’s airflow that is able to pick up heavy sand that destroys your carpet from within. VepoClean's state-of-the-art technology does not use porous bags or filters.  There is no pores to be clogged; thus, the airflow is consistently at its maximum, 100% of the time. Second, the most toxic dust particles are so tiny that they can fly through any filter, even HEPA.  Thus regular vacuuming releases much of the allergens into your environment through the pores of even the most expensive HEPA vacuums.

Because our solution uses water to trap all dust and allergens and “wet dust can’t fly”, 100% of what we pick up, even the smallest particles get trapped in a water bath, releasing fresh, sanitized, and aromatized air into your environment.  Our cleaning system is certified asthma & allergy friendly™ by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America.