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4 Strategies To Help Keep Your Home Office Clean and Clutter-Free in Hoboken NJ

Working from home offers several advantages. But it is now our responsibility, not that of our helpful janitorial personnel, to maintain our home office clean and functional.

Fewer virus particles are potentially flying around you since you are safe in your home. However, there are other ways for germs to invade your home office. You’ll have to clean it yourself if you don’t have a professional house cleaning crew.

Boris Ostrovsky, director of home cleaning service VepoClean in Hoboken, NJ, and surrounding areas, says this about keeping your home and office area tidy:

“As a homeowner, it’s your job to make sure your house is a clean and safe environment for your family. When you don’t keep it clean, it affects not only your physical and mental health but also the well-being of the ones you love!”

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Here’s how to stay productive while keeping your home office clean

1. Keep Your Office Equipment Clean

University research discovered that workstations could harbor 400 times more germs than toilet seats. One common bacterium found in many workplace keyboards is capable of causing severe stomach illnesses. 

To avoid germs and viruses, keep your workstation and equipment clean and sanitized. If you clean your home office equipment, here are some pointers to consider: 

  • Unplug your devices and other equipment. Cleaners should not be sprayed on electronics.
  • Clean your keyboard and dislodge debris with a keyboard vacuum or pressurized air. Consider purchasing a keyboard cover to prevent dust buildup.
  • Vacuum your office chair. Buy a dust-proof and water-proof seat cover.
  • Sanitize all surfaces and dry with a microfiber towel.

Reduce workplace clutter by storing everything in its proper place, preferably a closed bin to prevent them from being dust traps. 

2. Dispose of Garbage Quickly to Keep the Air Clean and Fresh

Don’t let garbage fester even for a day inside your home. They house a wide range of germs and bacteria. Always make sure you empty your trash cans by the end of the day. 

You can also line your wastebaskets with plastic bags for easier garbage disposal. Switching to a smaller wastebasket can force you to empty it more regularly. Covered cans are more sanitary, but select one with a foot pedal so you don’t have to touch the lid all the time.

And, while plants assist in cleaning the air, they are no match for a good air purifier, which can destroy up to 99 percent of bacteria. If you do not yet have an air purifier, ensure that your home office is well-ventilated. Allow air to circulate through your home by opening your windows whenever feasible.

3. Maintain the Cleanliness of Your Pets

We love our pets, don’t we? Our homes brighten up even more with them. But pets can get messy, leave an odd smell in the house, and can even cause allergies to your children. Pets may not be able to fetch you coffee or ride in the carpool lane, but they have become members of the family.

No matter how clever they are, dogs and cats still don’t know how to clean their feet—unless you take the time to train them. If you share your home office with your furry (often muddy) pals, you may need to step up your cleaning game.

You should also groom your pet more frequently and provide them with a bed at your workplace.

4. Make Your Home Office Cleaner by Using Steam

Deep house cleaning is better with the right tools and techniques. For instance, cleaning methods that use steam can eliminate germs on hard surfaces and in carpets, drapes, and other soft furnishings. Check that you’re using the proper tool for the job. Steam mops are often only appropriate for hard surfaces. Open the windows to aid the drying process. Also, keep in mind that damp carpets might promote fungal development.


A house becomes more of a home when it is kept clean, cozy, and safe for our family. The pandemic has caused us to stay at home more often than we wish to. This does not mean you have to feel cooped up and trapped inside your home. Make it a sanctuary and a relaxing environment where you and your family can work, study, and bond together, especially now when we need it the most. Keeping your house clean and tidy is a great way to start!

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5 Ways to Keep Your Hoboken NJ House Smelling Fresh, Clean and Amazing

Imagine entering a home, and it smells fresh and amazing. Wouldn’t that be homely? It’s nice to spend leisure time when you know your house smells like this. However, this is not the case for everyone.

Naturally, homes develop certain odors from the trash can, the shoe box, the musty closet, and others. Some smells require special cleaning and high-grade chemicals to get rid of, and others require a bit of freshening up.

We turned to the experts, here is a list from Boris Ostrovsky, director of VepoClean Home & Apartment Cleaning Service in Hoboken NJ  to list five ways you can keep your house smelling fresh and amazing all the time, and here is what he shared with us.

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TIP 1: Disinfect Your Trash Can

“Often it’s the odor from food leftovers and other biodegradable items that can create a nasty smell in your kitchen,” Boris shared. However, you may notice that even after disposal, your trash still has an unpleasant odor. To eliminate this, scatter some baking soda in your trash or put a deodorizing pod, then finish it off with a disinfectant. You may also use dryer sheets or charcoal, which also perform wonders!

TIP 2: Clean Your Garbage Disposal

Your garbage disposal takes more than just cleaning–it needs to be disinfected from time to time. While you can buy disinfectants, there are other ways you can guarantee it’s odorless. 

You can use lime or lemon rinds, then lots of water. You may also squirt some lemon-scented dish soap into your disposal, run the water, and turn on the disposal. If the citrus-type cleaning doesn’t successfully eliminate the odor, you can pour half a cup of baking soda while running warm water into the disposal. That should do the trick.

TIP 3: Freshen Up Your Carpets

Carpets are great filters to trap dust and allergens, but that also means they can absorb stench over time. You may be extra careful around your carpet by avoiding spills and food scraps, but the stench still develops. To get rid of this smell for good, scatter some baking soda onto all areas of your carpet and let it sit for several hours. After that, you can use a good quality vacuum to remove the powder and the odors it has absorbled. This should successfully remove the minor smell off of your carpet and rugs, as well as pet beds and mattresses that have a similar odor. But this does not take the place of regular professional carpet cleaning to do a deep-down cleaning and restore your carpets to a like-new state of cleanliness and freshness.

TIP 4: Use Scented Candles

Lighting candles or using unlit ones is one easy and quick way to get rid of odor in your home. Lighting scented ones can easily change the smell of a room and bring you in a positive mood. While that is a good option, there’s another easy way of using candles in absorbing the musty scent of closets and fabrics and replacing them with aromatic ones. 

To do that, place your candles in cabinets or wherever you put fabrics, but don’t light them. This will absorb the scent and give your linens a fantastic smell. Strategically placing your candles around your house also maximizes their efficacy. 

TIP 5: Decorate With Indoor Plants

Plants easily change the atmosphere of a home and help clean the air. Aside from health benefits, bringing plants indoors can also get rid of the stench. You can use pleasant-smelling plants like gardenias, jasmine, and eucalyptus. Also, treat your plants as you would a pet to keep them longer in your home. 

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In Conclusion

Keeping a home that smells good all the time doesn’t have to be a lot of work. You can use quick fixes like disinfectants and scented candles to do the trick, but regularly cleaning smelly areas like your trash can address the source’s smell. Make it a habit to clean and keep your home fresh and inviting for better living conditions.

Professional deep cleaning services are another option to explore if you want a home that stays smelling fresh and amazing 24/7. Vepoclean Home Cleaning Services Director Boris Ostrovsky had this to say about cleaning homes; “Taking the time to clean every inch of your home can be tiring and inefficient, especially if you only have yourself to take on a house cleaner’s role.” And we totally agree! Not everyone has the time to devote to cleaning, what with our work and taking care of our families. 

VepoClean Home & Apartment Cleaning Services is a reliable professional house cleaning service in Hoboken NJ that will help your home stay clean and smell great. They have a team of experienced cleaners that clean, disinfect, and use essential oils to give your home a unique spa-like cleaning experience. You are invited to visit them online to schedule an appointment and get a cleaner house that smells better today! https://www.vepoclean.com/

Hoboken NJ Home Cleaning: The 4 Most Overlooked Yet Dirtiest Spots

Like in other areas of the country, many Hoboken NJ homeowners take their time cleaning to and scrub away stains, sweep away dust bunnies and vacuum up debris and dander in and around thier homes, but all that effort doesn’t eliminate the bacteria, dander, and other persistent allergens and debris hiding in nooks and crannies. 


These Overlooked Spots in your Hoboken Home Cleaning Routine are likely Teeming with Nasty Things

These common areas are a breeding ground for germs, mold, and other dirty little secrets that keep your space from being fully sanitized. If you’re wondering which areas in your home can harbor the most dirt, then the guide below should shed some light on the filthiest spots hiding right under your nose:

Door Frames 

People often walk through doors without giving it a second thought, but the tops of its door frame actually hold the most soot, grime, and other forms of muck that have been accumulating for years. Seeing as they are often out of reach and sight, it’s understandable how this part often goes unnoticed. 


Curtains may look visually appealing at first glance, which is why most would only wash it once there are obvious stains that pop out. However, it’s home to thousands of dust, mold, pollen, and other dander that can trigger allergic reactions even when all the mess is invisible to the naked eye. 

Shower Curtains 

The bathroom is a safe oasis where people can wash away their toxins, but what about the dirt in your surroundings? The shower curtains often catch most of your soap scum, which can lead to a mildew infestation and a nasty build-up of bacteria. You wouldn’t want to ruin your hygiene with something as seemingly harmless as your shower curtains, so be sure to give it a weekly wash. 

Trash Cans 

You may religiously take out the trash every day, but that doesn’t mean the trash can is free from all the bacteria it left behind. There are foul liquids that can escape and food particles that attract a whirlwind of germs, so be sure to sanitize and disinfect the trash can daily.


The Bottom Line: Spotting the Dirtiest Areas that Need Thorough Cleaning in Your Home 

“Taking the time to clean every inch of your home can be tiring and inefficient, especially if you only have yourself to take on a house cleaner’s role” stated Boris Ostrovsky, director of home cleaning service VepoClean in Hoboken NJ and surrounding area. This makes hiring a professional cleaning company worth every penny as they have the tools and know-how to sanitize your home from floor-to-ceiling. 

In a time when your health is at risk due to the current pandemic, investing in expert cleaners can pay you two-fold by ensuring your living space remains clean, sanitary, and properly disinfected. 

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Dealing with an unkempt, dirty home can be physically and mentally draining, especially if you don’t have the time to squeeze in some chores in your busy schedule. For homeowners who don’t have the time to maitain all a routine cleaning of all areas including these overlooked spots, hiring an affordable and reputable house cleaning service in Hoboken, should be considered an important consideration. 

VepoClean Home & Apartment Cleaning Services Hoboken is the premier cleaning company in Hoboken New Jersey  company that offers a genuinely healthy, immaculate approach to house and apartment cleaning that is synonymous with clean, healthy living for both residential and commercial clients. Serving the communities of Hoboken, Jersey City, North Bergen, Weehawken and the surrounding areas, they take pride in helping their clients keep their properties in the cleanest conditions possible.