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Aromatherapy in Home Cleaning

Indulge your senses and make your home as fresh and welcoming as it can be with VepoClean Home Cleaning’s air rejuvenation offering.

The scents we are currently offering are:




Fostering an environment where splendor meets nature, our home cleaning service invites you to indulge your senses with our aromatherapy treatment using the best quality essential oils. Fragrance can make your home feel safe and welcoming, as a home should be. Signaling relaxation, romance, energy or good times, pleasing fragrances are important to feelings of well-being and inner peace. Indeed, studies indicate that aromatherapy-infused environments reduce stress, anxiety and even blood pressure. Therefore, as we clean your home, a few drops of air disinfectant and essential oils are an optional addition to the water basin of our cleaning system, freshening the air with the aroma of your choice. You may select from the scents below or simply provide our home cleaning expert with your preferred scent. This complimentary aromatherapy option will be discussed at our initial meeting.
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