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Let us do the cleaning.

You do the relaxing.

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Why VepoClean?

Genuinely Healthy, Meticulously Clean

Our incomparable staff comprised of true professionals, provides the top-notch level of service that is reminiscent of that offered in the finest hotels. We strive to take care of everything for you.

Now serving select neighborhoods, providing a luxurious approach to home cleansing therapy, VepoClean Home offers the pristine quality of organic home cleaning using all-natural cleaning products, while providing the sensory delights you would expect to find in the environs of an exclusive spa. We pioneered the use of state-of-the-art technology that cleanses your home’s interior in much the same way as Mother Nature uses rain to cleanse itself from dirt and airborne pollutants. The system utilizes the most powerful element, water, to trap dirt and odors, returning 100% organically clean, water-washed air to your home environment. This superior technology coupled with diligent attention to detail by our cleaning experts are major reasons we are the only firm in the industry that provides a truly healthy service. In fact, we are the only company that holds itself accountable for using the term “healthy” or “organic” to describe our service. From aromatherapy to allergy-free interiors, VepoClean Home is synonymous with fresh, pampered living. Read more

What Makes VepoClean Home Cleaning Different?

Team of Home Cleaning Service Experts

Our people make our home cleaning company great. Handpicked based on a litany of high-caliber qualifications, ranging from experience and attention to detail to work ethic, integrity and complementary personality, our cleaning experts and team managers are par excellence.

Maintaining a happy work environment for our team is important to us as a contented team will go above and beyond to meet and exceed the expectations of our clients. True home cleaning professionals, our cleaning experts are continually trained, educated, and supervised by our seasoned team managers. As a result, our clients can fully rely on our home cleaning company to deliver the premier housekeeping service you would expect in the best hotels worldwide.
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Quality Control

A seasoned team manager maintains quality control for each cleaning expert, guaranteeing the highest standard of performance. We scrupulously clean and purify every crevice of your home’s interior, every time.


Depending on your preference, our cleaning experts diffuse Lavender Juniper, Mandarin Rosewood, Orange Ginger, Tea Tree Mint or other all-natural essential oils to cleanse and purify your environment. We use the finest quality grade of Young Living Essential Oils.

Superior Tools

We are the only home cleaning company in the industry today utilizing Rexair technology called Rainbow™. Our Rainbow™ Cleaning System not only cleans surfaces, but also disinfects and purifies the air.

Additionally, our healthy approach to home cleaning, means we do not use brooms, air bag or filter vacuums in your home because they simply stir dust allergens back into the very air you breathe. Also, our strict adherence to organic and healthy standards, means we do not use any toxic cleaning products, unless it’s absolutely necessary.
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All-Natural Cleaning Products
  • Non-toxic, eco-friendly, naturally derived
  • Proven Superior performance
  • 100% safe for humans and pets
  • Created specifically to protect the environment, the ozone layer, and our overall health

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