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Genuinely Organic Home Cleaning Technology

The Power of Water

The ultimate in luxury, organic housekeeping service is powered by cutting edge technology. What separates our service from others is the state-of-the-art technology used to clean every home we service. The system utilizes Mother Nature’s most powerful element, water, to trap dirt and odors. Returning 100 percent organically clean, water-washed air to your home environment, this unique filtration mechanism removes virtually all of the dirt and contaminants from your home. A wide variety of accessories and specially designed tools ensures that our organic home cleaning experts cleanse and reinvigorate every corner of your home.

Easy Steps to a CLEANER, HEALTHIER Life

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We built our company with one goal in mind – that is to provide the world-class, organic housekeeping service that no other company or individual can possibly match. By combining the most powerful, clean technology and the most luxurious cleaning practices, we strive to make every home look its absolute best and every client feel like royalty.

During our initial demonstration, we will open your eyes on the reasons why traditional cleaning tools such as vacuums, brooms, and dusters are not only inefficient, but have nothing in common with true organic home cleaning practices.

Organic Housekeeping – Certifications

  • Certified asthma & allergy friendly by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America.
  • The Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers (AHAM) certifies that our technology is a proven air cleaner, designed to banish air pollutants which contribute largely to poor indoor air quality.
  • Carpet Industry Standard for all three elements: soil removal, dust containment and carpet appearance.

Organic Housekeeping – The Carpet Solution

As anyone who has used a regular vacuum or even a HEPA vacuum cleaner knows, its airflow diminishes with every stroke on a carpet, causing the motor to strain. This is a direct result of the bag and filter filling with sand and dirt, causing the airflow to weaken and allowing less sand to be picked up. Yet sand is one of the sharpest materials on the planet and the most dangerous enemy of your carpet – it cuts its fibers.  Our technology does not depend on bags or filters, it uses water as means of trapping sand and dirt. Its airflow never diminishes makimg it efficient 100% of the time.

Furthermore, regular vacuum cleaners must have exhausts that inevitably allow the dust from the bag to escape and to return right back into the very air where you are vacuuming. As a result, the air you breath in your home is RE-polluted, and the same dust settles right back onto your floor, furniture, appliances, etc.