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Exceptional service! It was our first time using Vepo Clean and we highly recommend! They did an amazing job, they were on time and they were so quick!
Hazal Canisag Ozturk

Why VepoClean

Here are few reasons why choosing VepoClean is smart decision

The Most 5-Star Reviews
VepoClean: The Most 5-Star Reviews
The Most 5-Star Reviews

Our quality and sophistication wows regularly

 Hand-Picked Staff
VepoClean:  Hand-Picked Staff
Hand-Picked Staff

Statistically only 1 of 10 prospects make the VepoClean Team

VepoClean: Beauty

We appeal to your natural senses: sight, smell, taste

Cleaning Academy Certification
VepoClean: Cleaning Academy Certification
Cleaning Academy Certification

We appeal to your natural senses: sight, smell, taste

VepoClean: Tools

State-of-the-art water-based technology worth thousands

Proprietary Cleaning Method
VepoClean: Proprietary Cleaning Method
Proprietary Cleaning Method

This is our trade secret, but the results always speak for themselves

Our cleaning service turns our clients into raving fans who are proud to not only recommend our cleaning company to their family, friends and neighbors, but to also leave public feedback for anyone in the community to read. We encourage you to visit our Google or Yelp profiles to read reviews of our raving fans.
Public reviews are a great way for anyone to get involved in a community and to help small businesses grow. As cleaning service industry relies heavily on trust, quality, and integrity, it is crucial to read other peoples’ experience before hiring anyone to be inside your precious home.

We are a Team of proud cleaning professionals investing hours in training, due diligence, and certification to make sure every staff member meets our high standards of quality. After the completion of VepoClean Cleaning Academy, statistically approximately 1 out of 7 prospects make our Professional Cleaning Team past the trial period.
Recruiting staff and turning regular people into cleaning experts is what we do best. Our cleaning professionals are our most important asset. Most cleaning service companies hire off the street to provide placement with no or very little training. Not VepoClean!

VepoClean is so much more than a cleaning company. We strive to make your home or business be the best it could be. We know that little things count and can make a lasting impression
Whether it’s our personal “Thank You” note with delicious chocolates or a luxury, hotel-like towel presentation, we know how to make our clients feel extra special. Everything we do, we always add a touch of personal aestheticity to every detail.

VepoClean Cleaning Academy is our cleaning boot camp where each prospect is screened in their personal and professional characteristics, trained, and mentored.
After they complete their training, prospects are certified with a series of written and practical evaluations. As they become certified, they are assigned to a Team Captain and become a permanent member of our staff.

There are two main problems with traditional vacuum cleaners and cleaning methods in general. They don’t really clean and they pollute the air in your home. At the core of our cleaning methodology is a water-based cleaning system that cleans your home much the same way as nature cleanses itself.
VepoClean is the cleaning company that pioneered the use of this method to trap dirt and dust in a swirling water bath returning fresh, water-washed air into your home.

From the state-of-the-art technology to our cleaning methodology, VepoClean cleaning approach is second to none. We consistently deliver results that our clients rave about to their family and friends. Our professional team of cleaning experts are held to the highest standard of quality that other cleaning companies only aim to match. VepoClean proprietary cleaning method is meticulously documented and is being trained to our Team that is continuously managed and supervised. This process management ensures our standards are met
every time we visit your home or office. The standard of quality VepoClean professionals are trained to deliver exceeds all Client expectations. In rare instances when miss the mark, we are available within 24 hours to fix where we came short. Your satisfaction is most important. Our professional staff is trained to wash, not wipe; lift objects to clean under them, not around; and dusting…? Well, we cultivated an entire science around it because traditional dusting just moves the dust around, not removes it from your environment.

Steam Vapor Disinfection

Steam Vapor Disinfection

  • diamond Nano crystal technology
  • stopwatch-1 Disinfects in seconds
  • organic-1 No chemicals
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VepoClean EcoPure Machine

VepoClean Advantage

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VepoClean EcoPure Machine

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Areas We Clean

For more details on specific areas and associated tasks that are included in our standard operating procedure for each area click here.



VepoClean proprietary cleaning method is at the core of our bathroom cleaning standard operating procedures. Primary tools used to clean the bathrooms are soap, water, green towels (damp and dry), yellow sponge, white eraser and other tools, if necessary.

  • Remove or lift stuff to get under
  • Wash all surfaces & scrub tiles with hard brush
  • Details surfaces for polished look


It is a fact that no cleaning service can match VepoClean’s quantity standards for kitchen cleaning Primary tools used to clean the kitchen are soap, water, yellow sponge, white eraser, degreaser (if necessary), metal sponge, baby oil, yellow towels (damp and dry).

  • Remove or lift stuff to get under
  • Wash all surfaces & scrub tiles with hard brush
  • Detail all surfaces with Mrs.Meyers all-purpose

Living Areas & Bedrooms

VepoClean proprietary cleaning method is once again at the core of our living areas procedures and no cleaning company can compete. instead of just moving lots of dust around, we actually eliminate it from your environment

  • Eliminate dust mites by drowing them
  • 3 step dusting process: eliminate, rejuvinate, detail
  • Create a Wow-factor with meticulous attention to detail and presentation

We use state-of-the-art technology and wash surfaces where safe & possible, instead of just wiping them. Our cleaning system uses water instead of bags or canisters with filters to trap dust, hair, debris, etc.


  • Outside of cabinets washed
  • Stovetop washed & detailed
  • Outside of fridge washed & detailed
  • Countertops washed
  • Countertop accessories/appliances wiped
  • Microwave inside & outside washed & detailed
  • Sink washed & detailed
  • Faucet washed & detailed
  • Outside of dishwasher washed & detailed
  • Garbage can washed
  • Baseboards dusted/spot cleaned
  • Floor dusted/scrubbed/mopped
  • Toilet washed & detailed
  • Sink washed & detailed
  • Mirror wiped & detailed
  • Countertop washed & detailed
  • Shower scrubbed & washed
  • Bathtub scrubbed & washed
  • Walls/Tiles scrubbed & washed
  • Floor dusted/scrubbed/mopped
  • Garbage can washed
  • Baseboards dusted/spot cleaned
  • Couch outside/inside/back, if accessible Rainbowed
  • Armchairs outside/inside Rainbowed
  • Accessory pillows Rainbowed
  • Entertainment center Rainbowed & wiped
  • Shelves Rainbowed & wiped
  • Tables Rainbowed & wiped
  • Chairs Rainbowed & wiped
  • Window sills Rainbowed & wiped
  • Speakers Rainbowed & wiped
  • TV set Rainbowed & wiped
  • Carpets Rainbowed
  • Baseboards dusted/spot cleaned
  • Floors dusted & mopped
  • Dressers dusted & wiped
  • Electronics dusted & wiped
  • TV set dusted & wiped
  • Bed backboard dusted & wiped
  • Linens changed, if requested
  • Bed made
  • Accessory pillows Rainbowed
  • Night stands dusted & wiped
  • Carpet vacuumed
  • Floor dusted & mopped
  • Baseboards dusted/spot cleaned
  • Cabinets dusted & wiped
  • Electronics dusted & wiped
  • Desks dusted & wipeded
  • Table lamps dusted & wiped
  • Window sills dusted & wiped
  • Carpet vacuumed
  • Floor dusted & mopped
  • Baseboards dusted/spot cleaned
  • Cabinets dusted & wiped
  • Bed(s) dusted & wiped
  • Lamps dusted & wiped
  • Window sills dusted & wiped
  • Carpet vacuumed
  • Floor dusted & mopped
  • Baseboards dusted/spot cleaned
  • Note: Toys will not be touched, unless requested
  • Inside oven
  • Inside fridge
  • Carpet Shampoo
  • Upholstery Shampoo
  • Laundry
  • Enhanced Steam Disinfection
  • EPA-Approved Anti-Bacterial Fogging
  • Windows
  • Closet organization
  • Inside cabinets
  • Inside washer/dryer
  • Recycling
  • Patio / balcony
  • Inside dishwasher

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When you trust your space to the VepoClean Team, you can rest assured knowing your home is in great hands. You deserve the confidence that you’ll receive consistently flawless results from friendly, trustworthy professionals. VepoClean provides the peace of mind you’re looking for. Our Peace of Mind Guarantee reflects our willingness to go the extra mile to ensure your home always feels like your sanctuary. If for any reason you are unhappy with our recent visit, let us know within 24-hours and we’ll come back and make it right


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