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A Quick Guide on How to Clean Your Hoboken Home like a Professional

by VepoClean |
February 19, 2022
A Quick Guide on How to Clean Your Hoboken Home like a Professional

There was never a time when someone said, “Household cleaning is so much fun to do.” However, if you want to keep your Hoboken NJ home clean and healthy, you need to do this. It’s easier than you think, though. Not only will you be able to finish your chores faster if you use the same methods as professional cleaners, but your house will also be cleaner.

How to Do It Like the Pros

If you hire a professional to clean your home, it can make a big difference. However, hiring a maid to clean your home can take a lot of money. This is true, for example, if you have a lot of rooms, children, or pets. Thankfully, You can learn how to clean your home like a pro in no time by following some simple tips and tricks.

Follow these tips to learn how to efficiently clean your home’s different rooms.

1. Cleaning the Living Room

Before you begin cleaning, remove all of the clutter from the room. Put larger objects, such as appliances and furniture, in the center of the room. Doing so will make it easier to move things around and set up your different tools.

Using your vacuum cleaner and attachments, vacuum the carpet and other fabric and textile surfaces. Don’t forget to guide your vacuum over tight corners and underneath sofas and chairs. Walk over the entire area to make sure that you’ve cleaned it well.

After vacuuming, put your mop in hot water and wring it out. Begin mopping the floor and wring it again when you’re done to avoid dragging around a damp mop.

2. Cleaning the Kitchen

When cleaning the kitchen, make sure to remove all food from the area. Place the edible ones in the refrigerator or freezer and discard the spoiled ones.

After handling your food, make sure to segregate your trash. It’s a good practice to separate biodegradable trash from food items.

Wash down your kitchen counters first. Use a bowl of hot water with a little bit of soap to remove food and other dirt. Don’t forget to clean the sink and the faucet if needed.

With your brushes and vacuum cleaner, you can easily remove most dirt from your floors. This includes the corners, edges, and underneath your appliances. If you have multi-coloured floors, it would be better to mop them with a solution and rinse it out. Some grout may need a little more TLC, so use a toothbrush to scrub it

3. Cleaning the Bathroom

Before you start cleaning the bathroom, remove all trash and put it in the trash can. Get rid of any damaged and unused items. Once you’re done, wash your hands and wear gloves to prep for some deep cleaning treatments.

Turn the shower on to make sure that it’s clean and working properly. You can use a mild cleaner to get rid of soap scum and mildew. If you have issues such as lime or rust, you can use a pumice stone to clean it.

Clean the toilet and the toilet seat using a brush. Use a disinfectant to kill any germs in the toilet bowl. Don’t  forget to follow the instructions on your cleaning products if they require wait times before rinsing.


As you can see, getting a professional-looking clean isn’t difficult. However, it is still helpful to know that a professional cleaning company will be the best to have a thorough and satisfying cleaning.

Hire a professional cleaning company now! VepoClean (EcoPure) Home & Apartment Cleaning Services Hoboken is a local cleaning service that treats every prospective customer as an individual, focusing on their wants and needs. Contact us today and see how experts do it!!

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