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How Can Commercial Cleaning Help Keeping Your Workforce Healthy

by VepoClean |
October 7, 2020
How Can Commercial Cleaning Help Keeping Your Workforce Healthy

Commercial cleaning services have a lot of benefits for running a successful business. It helps keep the working environment clean, protect your investments, and make a good first impression. Most importantly, it helps keep your employees healthy. 

People spend a lot of time at work, and it’s simply a must to keep a clean work environment to ensure that your employees are healthy, happy, and productive. Don’t underestimate the importance of a clean and safe workspace. Otherwise, you may face the dreaded “A” word – an employee’s absence – which leads to low business performance, impacts company finances, and morale.

6 Ways Commercial Cleaning Services Can Help Keep Your  Employees Healthy

A Cleaner and Healthier Work Environment

The health of employees should always be among the top priorities of the employer. The most reliable way to maintain a clean and healthy environment in the office is by hiring a professional cleaning service like VepoClean. We use EPA-registered cleaning products for fogging high-to-reach areas in large commercial spaces or we may offer a chemical-free disinfection methods such as Steam Vapor disinfection.  This is great for professional offices.

We remove all the dust and dirt in no time and clean even the most overlooked and hard-to-reach spots, ensuring dust and viruses don’t build up. 

Keeping the Workspace Free of Allergens

Commercial cleaning is different than residential cleaning.  It’s more than just emptying trash bins, scrubbing toilets, or washing the floors.  Commercial cleaning may include scrubbing commercial areas, washing large machinery, equipment, cement floors, etc.  Disinfecting with EPA-registered mist is highly recommended.

In addition, depending on the space, to maintain good air quality and an allergen-free environment, it may be a good idea to request additional services such as:

  • Carpet cleaning and odor removal
  • Upholstery and furniture cleaning

Protecting Your Staff from Cleaning Chemicals

Cleaning is not something your employees should focus on. It not only distracts your employees but can be even dangerous. A lot of cleaning products contain harmful contaminants and chemicals that may cause allergy and sickness.  Especially commercial products.

It’s better not to risk the health of your team and not to expose them to chemicals. Leave all the cleaning jobs to the professional cleaners that have safety gear and all the necessary equipment for handling cleaning chemicals.

Reduced Spread of Disease

By hiring commercial cleaning services you may reduce the spread of viruses. A professional cleaning company provides disinfecting services covering all the shared areas, including breakroom, kitchen, training room, and bathrooms.

During the flu season, it’s essential to schedule cleaning and disinfecting services to prevent employee illness and keep your team fit, healthy, and motivated to accomplish their job-related goals and objectives. 

VepoClean Now Offers the following disinfecting services:

Steam Vapor disinfection which is a non-toxic cleaning method, yet effective against hazardous viruses such as SARS-CoV-2

You may also consider Antimicrobial Fogging, which combats 99.9% of viruses, bacteria, and other pathogens and gets into hard-to-reach areas.

Maintaining Employee Productivity

Bad indoor air quality, dirty workspace, and bins full of trash are some of the factors that negatively impact productivity in the office. Who wants to work in the dusty and dirty office?  If you want a bright, motivated, and productive team, investing in commercial cleaning services is a good strategy. It’s one of the ways to improve staff performance and show that you care about your employees.

A regularly-scheduled professional cleaning helps maintain good air quality and a germ-free environment, which positively influences the office atmosphere and overall productivity levels of your team. A clean office means more productive staff.

Making Your Employees Happier

Richard Branson once said, “Take care of your employees, and they’ll take care of your business”. The success or failure of your business depends a lot on the people working for you. If you encourage and support your employees, they will feel happier, more appreciated, and motivated to help your company reach new heights.

Take care of your employees as they play an important role in growing and expanding your business. Don’t dump the responsibility of cleaning on your employees. Instead, make your employees a little bit happier, free their time for a coffee break with fresh croissants to restore their energy. Consider hiring skilled commercial cleaners that know how to maintain a healthy and safe work environment. 

A happy and healthy employee is more likely to benefit your company than the one irritated and distracted by some cleaning tasks. 

Hire a Commercial Cleaning Company

At VepoClean, we have all the necessary equipment and provide different types of cleaning services to meet the special cleaning needs of our clients. Our team of certified and experienced cleaners knows how to keep things clean, and disinfected, and your employees both happy and healthy.

You can request all kinds of cleaning jobs for a wide range of business areas. Feel free to contact us and schedule daily, weekly, and monthly cleaning services to ensure a safe and healthy workplace.

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