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Your Complete Guide On What Areas to Clean Before Moving Out

by VepoClean |
June 22, 2021
Your Complete Guide On What Areas to Clean Before Moving Out

After living on a comfortable roof for quite some time, you’ve finally decided to look for another place to stay, and it is time for you to move out. However, bear in mind that moving out is not the only thing you should do. You need to give back the place’s decency by cleaning it up a lot.  Cleaning out the home that served you will show a lot about your character and can be a deal-breaker for you to get your deposit back. 

If you are minimizing expenses and trying to avoid hiring a home cleaning service, you need a lot of hard work to pay it off. Now grab your cleaning supplies and use this guide to ensure that you are not leaving dirt behind.

Here are the spaces from top to bottom that need necessary cleaning and the cleaning that you should do so you won’t miss out on anything:


To give you that overall view of your place, start cleaning from the top so you won’t have to mess up other areas from the bottom if you have cleaned it first. In addition, starting from the top will allow the dust and dirt to fall to the ground freely, wherein you can clean up later. 

  1. Clear Cobwebs from Ceiling – Your ceiling is the one that is often overlooked, so it is time for you to clean what’s up there. A long broom from your cleaning tools can help you get rid of the cobwebs, or you can use a vacuum for a cleaner and less work process since the dust doesn’t need to fall to the floor. 
  2. Dust Blinds and Windows – After cleaning your ceiling, the speck of dust may have stuck to your blinds and windows, so make sure to clean it with a damp cloth or fabric to achieve that shiny and dust-free look. Also, using a window or glass cleaner can help avoid putting lint or damage to the windows. 
  3. Remove Nails and Patch Walls – You may have hung many frames during your stay but make sure to remove leftover nails and patch up everything on your walls. You can do this by repainting the wall with the same color so you won’t leave visible marks behind. 
  4. Replace Lights – Double-check if any lights need replacement. You arrived with a fully operational house and furniture so ensure to replace things with damages. If no need for replacement, you can clean it up by dusting it off using a clean cloth to clean it carefully.
  5. Clean Walls and Baseboards – You can brush your walls and baseboards to clear the dust using a brush attachment on your vacuum. Dust may linger on the walls after you clean the ceiling, so make sure not to miss it out. 


The middle areas of your house include all parts of a room like a kitchen, bathroom, and laundry room. After you are through with the top part of your house, you can clean what’s inside a room one by one. It is a good idea to focus on one room first before going over the other to minimize your time and somehow ease your cleaning work. You can follow the order of spaces below, or you can choose where you’re most comfortable to clean first. 


  1. Clear out Cabinets and Pantries – Empty every cabinet and pantry from your kitchen to avoid unnecessary foul smells. Homeowners usually fail to notice some storage, so prioritize this area so you won’t leave something behind. Although it is time-consuming, you will be surprised with the things that you forgot that you have. 
  2. Sanitize the Sink, Drain, Countertops, and Disposal – You can clear out drains using baking soda and vinegar. After the process, rinse the whole sink basin with dish soap and ensure that you include the countertops and disposal in cleaning. 
  3. Clean the Fridge – Throw away expired contents and do not leave any food behind your fridge. When you clean, make sure you clean the interior using a damp cloth or a spray bottle containing baking soda and water. Wipe everything, including the handles, drawers, and doors. 
  4. Remove Oven Stains – Before you leave, make sure the oven is spotless without some food particles and baking stains. You can combine baking soda with water to form a paste to brush it inside the oven avoiding coils. Don’t forget to include the grates and racks when cleaning.
  5. Wash the Dishwasher – The dishwasher should be as clean as your dishes, so wash it with soap and water, or you can just wipe it with a wet cloth to remove stains and spots. 


  1. Shine the Mirror – Do not leave your mirror covered in streaks and fingerprints. Instead, shine it using a mirror spray and use a lint-free cloth to wipe the surface. 
  2. Clear out the Vanity – Remove all your things and do not leave personal belongings behind. Once you shine the mirror with the mirror spray, include the vanity table to polish it and wipe the drawers and cabinets with a microfiber cloth. 
  3. Disinfect the Toilet – The toilet is the most crucial part of the house before moving out since your landlord may judge your cleanliness. Leaving spots behind is definitely a no-no, so make sure to scrub the bowl with a bowl cleaner to disinfect. Next, clean the rest of the toilet, including the seats, and cover. 
  4. Scrub the Walls, Shower, and Batch – Cleaning the bathroom walls with vinegar and dish soap can save you from leaving some water stains. Scrub it all out and include the shampoo and conditioner bottle storage. 
  5. Dust the Vent – Do not forget about the bathroom fan! A simple dust off would help in cleaning the vent. 

Laundry Room:

  1. Clean and Wash the Washer and Dryer – If the unit provided you with a clean and sleek washer and dryer, make sure to return it how you got it. Remove excess detergents and check if there are specks of dirt inside the washer. 


After all the cleaning from your ceiling, walls, and cabinets, the bottom areas would be the best to put in last in your cleaning plan since it catches all the dirt. The bottom areas include the carpet and the floors. 

  1. Clean Carpet – Aside from the dust that your carpet has, stains may also be present. You can omit the stains by using a commercial carpet cleaner and wipe it with a microfiber cloth. 
  2. Vacuum and Mop Floors – The perfect last thing to do on your cleaning plan would be to mop the floor. Save it for the final step since it is more likely to catch chemicals and dust while cleaning elsewhere. Make sure you let it dry before anyone steps on it to avoid leaving footprints. 


With all the laundry list of moving-out plans, you sure don’t want to go over all the cleaning requirements listed above. However, deep cleaning the home before you move out is one of the essential parts of the process, so you cannot get away with it.

So instead of doing the cleaning task all by yourself, let some professional do it for you. If you are worried about how much it will cost you, VepoClean provides cleaning services in NYC at affordable rates. In addition, our certified and trained cleaners offer exceptional customer service to ensure that your moving-out experience is hassle-free. Contact us today to know more about our services!

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