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3 Essential Cleaning Tips for Homes with Pet Dogs

by VepoClean |
April 8, 2021
3 Essential Cleaning Tips for Homes with Pet Dogs

With the start of the pandemic, there came a need for people to remain indoors and to avoid contact with other people. Many non-essential employees had to work at home and faced the mundane routine of an indoor lifestyle. This niche demographic led to a staggering increase in adoption rates from shelters, rescues, and breeders. After all, having a furry companion at home is a great way to brighten any person’s day-to-day life.

Learning the basics of dog-proofing your home

Being a pet owner is a demanding responsibility of addressing our pet’s different wants and needs. This can be through purchasing treats and occasionally taking them on safe walks outdoors. Besides keeping your pet happy, you also need to ensure that their environment is clean and tidy.

Every fur parent knows that keeping a dog in a home can be a messy responsibility, which is why it’s vital to have the right cleaning routine for your home. Otherwise, you’ll end up with an unkempt living environment for you and your pets.

In this article, we’ll share three routine cleaning tips to keep your dog’s home from being a mess.

Groom your dog regularly

Your pet dog’s fur is an occupational hazard you need to get used to as a pet owner. These tumbleweeds of hair can drift and hide in corners of the room to underneath your cough. These tricky tufts of hair can be even harder to spot if your flooring’s color matches your dog’s fur. Thankfully, regular grooming can prevent your dog from shedding all over your home.

Instead of going to a professional groomer, you can simply buy yourself a special comb and brush your dog several times a week. This will help relax your dog and prevent them from scratching themselves frequently. Remember to have a specified area for brushing or to do it outdoors to clean up after easily.

Allow your dog to stay active outdoors

Sometimes, it’s up to your dog’s mood when they’ll want to be hyperactive indoors. When they’re bored, they can be more aggressive and destructive of your furniture and their toys. Additionally, they can also be more prone to moving from one place to another, causing their loose fur to spread all over your home. This is why it’s necessary to bring them on regular walks and to play with them outdoors. If they’re tired and engaged outdoors, they’ll have more time to rest and relax while at home.

Set up placemats and clean towels

Before you take a trip outdoors, remember to set up your front door with the right cleaning tools. Keep a placemat just for your dog so that they can wipe their feet before entering your home. If they like playing on the ground and getting muddy, have a towel on hand to wipe them down of dust stuck on their fur. It’s best to give them a bath if they’re really dirty so that they can feel refreshed after being active outdoors.


Because of the sudden boom of dog adoptions due to the pandemic, many new pet owners are unaware of the appropriate practices in raising pups stuck within indoor environments. With all the responsibilities they have to juggle, sometimes there are just too many tasks to handle. These homeowners have too little time to spare, even when they’re confined to their homes. Thankfully, they can hire safe and professional cleaning services to lessen their chores.

Contacting professional cleaning companies to thoroughly clean your home will give you the best value for your time and money. Our VepoClean Cleaning Service utilizes organic Enhanced Steam Disinfection upgrade to enhance our client’s cleaning experience. If you need cleaning services in Hoboken, NJ, contact us today!


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