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4 Critical Questions You Must Ask Before Hiring Maid Cleaning Services

by VepoClean |
January 26, 2021
4 Critical Questions You Must Ask Before Hiring Maid Cleaning Services

As for any regular person, hiring a cleaning crew might be a bit intimidating to do. There are tons of questions and doubtful thoughts that would run through your mind when approaching a company to handle your home. While many of such concerns may be deemed “minor,” there are a few questions that you truly have to ask your chosen cleaning company before hiring them.

Communication is the key to trust, and being able to trust your cleaning crew is important when it comes to the safety of your home. Aside from making sure that your belongings are safe and ensured, you also need to be able to communicate thoroughly about the rates and their cleaning procedures.

Here below are some of the most important questions that you have to ask your local cleaning services:

How Do Your Rates Work?

The usual payment for a lot of cleaning services would be at an hourly rate; however, they might also increase the rates if the project is somewhat difficult to attain. That is because a cleaning company would often need to send extra cleaners to come over to help make sure that everything is on point while making sure that there won’t be any underlying mess! 

As a way for you to save up on costs, you can try to set a maximum number of hours for the workers to clean in your home. While you’re at it, ask about their scope of work, as you might up paying more for a premium service, but find out that they aren’t handling the sections you actually needed cleaning for!

Have You Done Background Checks On Your Employees?

It is safe for you to assume that the best cleaning services in Jersey City are bound to perform background checks on their cleaners—however, it is better safe to be sorry! Asking your cleaning crew regarding their background is also a means for you to get a guarantee that your belongings are sure to be safe. You also have the authority as the client to ask for the same cleaners to come over to your space whenever you call in for a cleaning session, especially if you believe that they’ve done the job right the first time.

Are You Bringing Your Own Cleaning Supplies?

To start, a lot of cleaning companies often bring their own equipment and cleaning supplies. Take note, however, that some cleaning companies don’t have their own, and will leave you the responsibility of acquiring the cleaning supplies! 

As such, you must ask your company whether they can bring their own cleaning supplies to avoid wasting time buying them at the last minute. You also have the option to substitute your cleaning supplies if you aren’t favorable of the supplies that the cleaning crew brought.

What Should I Do If I Have A Pet?

It is generally going to depend on your cleaning crew whether a pet’s presence is alright for them to manage while handling their service.

A lot of cleaning companies often ask to visit before doing the actual cleaning, which is where it’s important to approach this topic. Although they may accept the job, that doesn’t mean that they’ll be the ones to care for your pet—it still falls to your responsibility to ensure they don’t mess the place up while the cleaners are on the premises.


After securing yourself a reliable cleaning crew, the next best thing that you can do is to relax and focus on the work that you have in front of you. It might seem intimidating at first, however, finding a reputable cleaning company is sure to help dissolve your worries about having professionals clean up your home!

VepoClean offers home and apartment cleaning services in Hoboken, NJ for as low as $80! We are passionate about helping you live in the best version of your home. Our cleaners have been thoroughly trained and vetted so we can offer the best service possible. Book your cleaning appointment with us today!



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