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Everything You Need to Know about Same Day Cleaning Service

by VepoClean |
October 6, 2020
Everything You Need to Know about Same Day Cleaning Service

The same day cleaning can literally save your day. It is an excellent solution if you have an emergency, your parents are coming to visit, an unplanned party is coming up, or your kids made such a mess at home that it requires urgent cleaning. 

Doing last-minute cleaning can be stressful and time-consuming. In case of emergency, it’s better to outsource your cleaning tasks to a professional cleaning company like VepoClean. 

How Does Requesting a Same Day Cleaning Work?

Requesting the same day cleaning services can be easily done via a direct call or online booking with a few clicks.  All you have to do is to pick the time and schedule your cleaning. Then the available cleaners will pick up your request and come to make your house sparkling-clean for any occasion and personal comfort of your family.  But do not delay, the earlier in the day you will request your cleaning, the more likely the cleaning team will show up at your doorstep ready to go. 

There may be some limitations for the same day cleaning service such as limited availability of staff and appointment times.  Most teams could be already busy with other orders, so there will be fewer available cleaners to assist you. Usually, especially Monday – Wednesday, the cleaners can fit you in as soon as they have time for your emergency request.  Thursdays and Fridays are usually busier days, so it may be more challenging to accommodate.

Some companies provide you an option to choose several times that work for you, for instance, 4 pm, 5 pm, and 7 pm. Then available cleaners will see your request and come clean your house when it’s convenient for you.

Many professional companies are extremely busy on a daily basis. Therefore, it’s best to be flexible on the time of arrival.  Hey, as the old saying goes:  beggars, can’t be choosers! Right?

Benefits of the Same Day Cleaning Services

Less Stress and More Free Time

The main benefit of the same day cleaning services is that it helps clean all the dust and dirt, sanitize, and disinfect the area in no time. So you can focus on other tasks and not to worry about cleaning.  We’re sure that if the cleaning is the emergency, there are other 10 emergency chores in line.

Reliable High-Quality Cleaning

When you hire same day cleaning service, you pay for professional cleaning with efficient cleaning systems and methods. Just because you request same-day cleaning, it does not mean you should compromise on the quality of the cleaning.

Customizable Cleaning Checklist

When you hire professionals, you can customize your to-do list for them. For instance, instead of the basic cleaning, you can request a deep cleaning and add carpet or upholstery shampoo. Provided the cleaning company has time, you may even be able to squeeze in the enhanced steam vapor disinfection service or even same-day carpet cleaning service could be squeezed in if the day is not too busy.

Professional Cleaning Tools and Materials

When you need to clean the house or office urgently and properly on your own, you might first need to do some shopping and purchase all the necessary tools and materials. If you hire a good and reliable same-day cleaning service, you won’t have to buy anything. Professional cleaning companies like VepoClean, already have all the necessary equipment and cleaning products for all kinds of cleaning jobs.

Green Cleaning

Most professional cleaners are familiar with green cleaning methods. So when you request the same-day cleaning services, don’t be shy to clarify this and request a chemical-free solution to keep your home environment clean and safe.  If you’d like, go ahead and request Steam Vapor Disinfection.

Protect Your Home from Covid-19

Depending on the company, you may find different options of the same day cleaning services. Professional cleaning and disinfecting companies usually offer the following services:

  • Same-Day Move Out Cleaning
  • Same-Day Commercial Cleaning
  • Same-Day House Cleaning
  • Same-Day Apartment Cleaning
  • Same-Day Upholstery Cleaning
  • Same-Day Rug Cleaning 
  • Same-Day Carpet Cleaning

These services should not be differ in quality from regular scheduled cleanings the company offers.  You have the right to demand the same quality service, although it is on short notice.

How Much Does Same Day House Cleaning Service Cost?

Despite what you may think, reputable cleaning companies usually charge the same cost for same-day service as for a regular scheduled cleaning.  It all really depends on whether they have availability on the day you request your service.  So, check the rates of your preferred cleaning service, and be ready to spend this amount for a cleaning regardless of the window you give them to prepare.


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