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5 Things to Prioritize During Spring Cleaning in Hoboken NJ

by VepoClean |
May 1, 2022
5 Things to Prioritize During Spring Cleaning in Hoboken NJ

The arrival of spring calls for a celebration—and a deep house cleaning. However, some Hoboken homeowners might get overwhelmed by how many things they need to clean and fix before the new season begins. But one of the best ways to manage house tasks is to create a checklist of items needed attention, from the most important down to the least important. Therefore, what are the things people should prioritize during spring cleaning? Here are some ideas.

1. Organizing Closets

One of the best ways to use spring cleaning for home improvement is to organize closets and drawers. You won’t believe how much that tidy closet will help you declutter and boost your productivity at home.

It is best to ensure that clothes, shoes, and jewelry are stored correctly in their respective containers this season. To make everything a perfect fit, it would be best to have a wardrobe consultant to help solve any problem in the closet.

2. Cleaning Windows

Aside from organizing your closets, you should also ensure that your windows are ready for spring. Use a spare piece of paper to measure the size of your windows. Check whether there are any scratches on the glass that make it hard for you to see outside. If the glass is damaged, you should replace the entire window. It is also a good time to vacuum the window sills and wipe them down. If there are any dirt and stains in the window frames, use a wet towel and toothbrush to remove them.

3. Washing the Carpets

Spring cleaning is not only confined to the inside of the house. You should also clean the outside of your home. For instance, you should clean the carport and look at the yard. One of the best things to keep the outdoor area tip-top shape is washing the carpets. It will make the yard look good from afar, but your home will also stay clean and fresh.

4. Dusting Ceiling Fans

Another thing you need to do during spring cleaning is to dust the ceiling fans. Carpets might not be the only outdoor things you would want to wash to get the place cleaned. You should also clean the ceiling fans to remove dirt, grime, and dust. If you’re not confident about doing it, you should call in professional cleaners to do it.

5. Clearing Refrigerators

You would want a good spring cleaning to be effective, right? Of course, you do! Thus, clearing the refrigerator is one of the things you need to do when you’re cleaning your home.

Eating fresh and healthy in the new season doesn’t mean you buy a lot of new vegetables and fruits. It can also be achieved by clearing out the fridge. Make sure you remove everything that is not edible and throw it away.


Spring cleaning is not only about making your house look good and launching the new season with a bang. It is also about mentally preparing for a new year, which you want to enjoy, free from the stress and anxiety of being too busy. If you follow these tips, your spring cleaning will be more enjoyable. After all, you will be able to do more things as you prepare for the new season. Taking the time to spring clean your home will give you a sense of satisfaction and help you prepare for the new season ahead.

VepoClean Hoboken specializes in deep house cleaning services. As the leading cleaning service in the area, we take pride in ensuring all houses we take over end up sparkling clean by the end of the day. Look for house cleaning services near you today or book us for an appointment.

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