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5 Reasons Your Home Is Dusty & What You Should Do About It

by VepoClean |
September 10, 2021
5 Reasons Your Home Is Dusty & What You Should Do About It

You clean regularly, but if you are like most Hoboken residents we encounter, you notice that your house seems to get so dusty easily, and you wonder why. The best thing to do here is to find where the particles of matter are coming from. However, it’s challenging to pinpoint the culprit because there are so many reasons for it. For one, dead and decomposing skin cells can be the culprit. If you live near a gravel or dirt road, that may be a factor, too.

Here are some of the possible reasons your home is dusty: 

1. Mold

When was the last time you checked your house for mold? Air purifiers can help kill mold spores in the air, but they can’t deal with existing mold. Instead, you can use a microbial spray and use it to clean your home. 

Another way you can fight off mold is to lower the humidity level in your home. When there’s no humidity, the mold will likely dry out. You can get a dehumidifier for this, especially if you live in a naturally humid area. 

2. Cleaning Methods

Did you know that how you clean your house can contribute to the amount of dust inside? How? Cleaning your house, even grooming, can release a lot of particulate matter into the air that turns into dust. 

3. Dead Skin Cells

As mentioned, dead skin cells are a huge contributor to the amount of dust in your house. A lot of dead skin cells come off when you’re asleep, and they naturally end up on your bed. Yes, it does sound nasty, but it happens. A great way to lessen the dust in your home is to clean and replace your sheets at least once a week. Although it’s a lot of work, it’s worth it in the end!

4. Rugs

Rugs are nice, but they’re huge dust collectors. This is both good and bad – if you make sure you vacuum them regularly—at least once a week then you can restore the ‘filtering ability’ of your rugs and carpeting so they work for you and not against you. However, vacuuming won’t suck out everything, which is why you also need to invest in professional rug cleaning regularly to keep your rugs clean and in good shape. 

5. Animals

If you have furry companions at home, then they’re one of the main reasons your home is dusty. Unless you’re willing to get rid of them, you need to make sure your pets are clean at all times. Give them a bath, even if they don’t like it, and use the right pet brush for their fur. You can also consider getting an air purifier that comes with a filter for pet hair. 

Don’t Take Dust Lightly

A dusty home shouldn’t be something you should sweep under the rug. Dust can become polluted and contain toxic gases and materials that can cause adverse effects to your health. That’s why you should address a dusty home immediately. 


Nothing beats manual labor when making your home dust-free as much as possible. Cleaning your house regularly can reduce dust significantly, but you really need to take the time to do it. Otherwise, your home can be so dusty that even you will feel dirty in it! 

Don’t worry about home cleaning in Hoboken, NJ. We can take care of it for you at VepoClean. Contact us today and let us get rid of that dust for you!

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