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3 Secrets That Give Your Home a Refreshing Odor

by VepoClean |
October 8, 2021
3 Secrets That Give Your Home a Refreshing Odor

Most people think that the aesthetics of their home is just as important as the other elements surrounding it. For the most part, they are correct, as no one wants to live in a house that is either dull or a complete eyesore. However, the thing about our houses is that looks aren’t always the most important thing about them—it is only a single piece of the puzzle that may complete the overall presentation of our humble abode.

One of the most crucial elements of our indoors would be the smell or odor. If you are bothered by the smell of garbage or a newly-flushed toilet, chances are you wouldn’t want the other sections of your home to have the same type of odor as well.

With that, you may be wondering about the different methods of preventing your indoors from smelling foul, let alone musky and unkempt. If you wish to know the secret in doing just that, look no further than our tips below. 

While they are not your usual way of dealing with odors, they may at least help mitigate and prevent them from even spreading in your home:

1. Deal With the Humidity

What usually causes a foul odor at home are the humidity levels. There is a reason there has been a spike in demand for humidifiers in the last couple of years. The ever-rising pollution levels affect even the temperature and moisture within our homes, causing an unlikely amount of humidity. 

This triggers unpleasant odors to occur whether we like it or not. Purchasing a humidifier can significantly help, along with air sprays, to maintain the positive smell indoors. Some humidifiers come with the option to drop a few fragrance essences, so you will even be able to save up on expensive air sprays.

2. Take Out the Trash

One of the leading causes of bad odor in our homes is the presence of garbage and other germ-causing substances. While people usually grind their leftovers in the sink, the truth is that is never enough to control the smell of spoiled food, and you may have to throw out your leftovers while they still haven’t reached their molding stage.

If you want to do this in an eco-friendly way, you may even mix the leftover food with your garden soil, forming a modified form of fertilizer.

3. Clean All the Soft Surfaces in Your Home

When we say soft surfaces, we mean all the linens, sofas, and even your beds and carpets. Keep in mind that each of them can be cleaned through various methods, so be sure to do your research. Overlooking any of the proper cleaning procedures may end up damaging them.

Dust off the foams of your sofas and beds, and shampoo your carpets so that they will not retain any odor-causing stains. You may also take your linens to the laundry regularly so that they will be spotlessly clean.


Keeping foul odor off your home is just a matter of familiarizing yourself with the different things that may cause them in the first place.

Regulating the indoor humidity levels, taking out all your trash regularly, and cleaning your beds, couch, and carpets, may very much do you a great favor in making sure that your home would never smell bad.

Take note of our tips above and have a clean, refreshing house where your family can freely breathe in the fresh, fragrant air.

If you are looking for a good cleaning service in NYC to deal with your home’s odor-causing mess, look no further than Vepoclean NYC. We specialize in various cleaning services, including apartment cleaning, house cleaning, deep cleaning, disinfection, among other things. Book a cleaning schedule with us today—allow us to maintain your home sweet home’s refreshing odor.

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