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5 Things to Consider in Post-construction Cleaning Jobs

by VepoClean |
January 10, 2022
5 Things to Consider in Post-construction Cleaning Jobs

In the field of construction and home renovations, order is a must, meaning you must observe proper protocols and processes. Naturally, the cleaning portion of the construction process is no exception. If you’re a homeowner and your contractor overlooks this part, it is a big faux pas that could leave a bad impression on you, regardless of the finished project’s quality.

Construction cleaning is vital to the success of a project, however, like any other aspect of construction, post-project cleanup must also be systematic.

This article lists down essential things every contractor should consider in their post construction cleaning process. Read on below to get started.

#1 – A Specified List of Things to Do

Construction cleaning is not a job for amateurs. First, the process is usually expensive, requiring the reliable use of proper equipment, safe, effective cleaning solutions and a significant amount of time. Given that several professional contractors could be hired for the same amount of money, it’s vital for you to specifically list down the things to do in the cleansing process. Not doing so would render even the most professional and experienced cleaning companies useless.

Take note that the list of tasks should be as specific as possible, depending on the project’s needs. For instance, if the client needs the cleaning crew to scrub floors, countertops, and appliances, that needs to be specified. Doing so makes the process more efficient and the contract more legally binding. It also helps you avoid any potential legal issues that may arise with the client later.

#2 – Open Line of Communication

In any construction cleaning contract, you and your client must maintain open lines of communication. This is especially true when you clean up a structure that will serve as the client’s primary source of livelihood and profit. The last thing you want to do is cause a mess that will annoy the client, whether they are a homeowner or a business.

To avoid this, you must tell the client everything that will happen during the project. This means the process of cleaning the structure and the use of the proper tools and chemicals. If the client has a concern, address it immediately. The client must be kept in the loop to avoid inconvenience or problems.

#3 – Cleaning Protocols

Cleaning protocols must also be clearly outlined in the contract. This is especially true if you are cleaning an industrial building or one that will house multiple businesses in the future. In such cases, some specific laws and regulations must be followed. For instance, there might be a certain level of pollutants in the area that may contaminate the finished products of other workers in the area.

Another aspect to consider is proper personal protective equipment or PPE. Even if the operation will be guided by someone who has the appropriate cleanroom training, the risk of contamination is still present. This is why it is vital to have safety gear and a decontamination process to ensure that all areas are safe for occupation.

#4 – Insurance Coverage

Finally, be sure to include the insurance coverage of equipment, vehicles, and staff in the contract. This is vital since many cleaning companies work with commercial buildings, favorite targets of thugs and thieves.

In addition, if there are personal accidents, the insurance coverage protects both the client and the cleaning company.

#5 – Excellent Track Record

Naturally, to make your cleaning company stand out, you must have an excellent track record. This means to ensure that your service is consistent and of the best quality. Your actions must speak for themselves.

This is why you must commit to excellence even if you are just starting. Aside from providing excellent service, your cleaning company must also be known for its superb customer service. This means that you must answer questions and provide valuable insights regarding the project. You must show that the customer’s satisfaction is your priority.


Cleaning construction sites is a complicated job, given the variety of tasks that must be completed in the process. This is why it is vital to have a plan under the project before anything else can be done. The action plan must be written with the project’s specific needs in mind to ensure client satisfaction.

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