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Should You Be Using Carpet Cleaner Products On Your Mattresses

by VepoClean |
May 18, 2021
Should You Be Using Carpet Cleaner Products On Your Mattresses

Going on a mattress should always feel pillowy and the epitome of comfort. However, the smell can often go unnoticed until it’s finally potent. Instead of smelling fresh sheets, you might be getting the scent of something foul and in need of a good scrub. 

If you’ve been looking for ways on how you can cleanse your bed, you may have heard about using a carpet cleaner on a mattress from a relative or acquaintance. Still, a bit of skepticism can persist, such as whether it’s safe and how it would even work. Here’s what you need to know:

Is It Safe To Use Carpet Cleaner On Your Mattress?

It can depend on what carpet cleaner you’re going to use. You have to assess what ingredients are in the cleaning product you have and check two things: whether they’re safe for you to use and safe for the mattress’s material. These two could make the difference between getting a good night’s sleep and being exposed to toxicity while you’re snoring away. 

Many carpet cleaners are likely to contain some suitable components, just like your regular carpet shampoo. It’s also likely that there are similar toxic ingredients as well, so just keep an eye out for ingredients like ammonia and trisodium phosphate. With the right verification and all things considered, it can be safe to use carpet cleaners on your mattress. 

How Do You Use Carpet Cleaner On Your Mattress?

Just like using the carpet cleaner on a regular rug, you kind of want to have a similar process involving your mattress. Spraying and scrubbing may be the way to go, but you have to be a little more meticulous than that.

Start by removing all the linens and pillows. It’s better to separately clean the mattress bare and fixing up all the bed coverings later on. When it’s finally empty, position the mattress to stand and lean against the wall. It’ll be easier to turn the mattress by its side and clean every crevice of it.

Remove the dust that might have built up on the mattress. You can use a duster or vacuum to be a bit more, though. Afterwards, you can start with spraying on the carpet cleaner and wiping it down with slow strokes. Remember to let it dry before you flip it over to another side to repeat the steps.

Do You Need Professional Assistance When Cleaning Your Mattress?

It can be too much work to clean the mattress, especially if you’re on a tight schedule and still iffy about using a carpet cleaner yourself. In that case, it may be wiser to go invest in a cleaning service and have experts do the work for you. 

Plus, it isn’t a guarantee that the bad smell you’re getting every night will disappear for good if the entire room isn’t cleaned up and spotless. Not only can you have a cleaning service tend to the mattress, but you can request to have the whole room cleaned. 


In summary, a carpet cleaner could be used for the mattress if there are no toxic ingredients. Whether you should be the one to use it can be a matter of personal preference since many cleaning products should be used with caution and may be better left with professionals. 

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