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Hoboken Top Cleaners Share Simple Ways to Make Your House Smell Invitingly Good

Have you ever thought about the way your house smells? Sure, most people concentrate on the aesthetics of their house and spend money on how their home looks. While this is important, to have a truly beautiful and cozy home, you have to think about how it smells, too. Along with choosing the right throw pillowcases for your sofa’s throw pillows, the perfect wallpaper to use in your living room, adding certain scents to complement your interior design will give your home upscale appeal.

However, how can one be able to incorporate good smells into the air in their homes? The good news is that you don’t necessarily have to bake a fresh batch of cookies daily. There are easy ways to elevate the smell of your home. Adding aromatic smells and making your home smell inviting may be easier than you think. This article will help you find simple ways to make your home smell great!

Making Your Home Smell as Good as It Feels

There is no need to use air fresheners when you are trying to get your home to smell better. Many studies have shown that the chemicals in air fresheners may be harmful to the lungs. Using natural methods to incorporate good smells into your home will help you and your daily avoid any adverse reactions because there are no harmful chemicals in these natural ways to freshen up your home.

1 – Add Your Favorite Scents to Decorative Pine Cones

Using essential oils is a great way to add a fragrant and relaxing aroma to your home. Add a few drops of your favorite essential oils onto some pine cones and put those cones in strategic locations in your living room and around your house. 

2 – Put an Orange and Cinnamon in Hot Water

This is a fairly easy and straightforward way to improve the way your home smells. Simply boil a pot of water and add a few slices of freshly sliced oranges and some cinnamon sticks to the pot. The smell that will fill your house will be an amazing blend of citrus and cinnamon.

3 – Use Scented Candles

Scented candles are also a great way to make your home smell cozy sweet-smelling. There are dozens of different scents available for you to choose from. 

4 – Essential Oils Sprays

You can also dilute different essential oils and turn them into sprays that will effectively improve how a room (and the entire home) smells. VepoClean’s director, Boris Ostrovsky, only has his company use the highest quality essential oil sprays. He says that “a good fragrance is the crowning glory to a clean home”.

5 – Invest in a Home Cleaning Service

To make sure that you are able to make the good smells in your home last longer, it is best that you hire a professional team to deep clean your home on a regular basis. These professionals will be able to get rid of any sources of bad odors that will affect how your home smells. Say goodbye to any mold, mildew, and dust that may have taken refuge in your home!


If you have read this far, you will now know that you do not need to use chemicals to freshen up the smell of your home. Using these handy tips will help you get the best results without having to use air fresheners and harmful chemical sprays. If all else fails, hiring a professional cleaning team will leave your home not only smelling great, but will give you peace of mind that it is also clean, neat, and tidy.

VepoClean Home & Apartment Cleaning Services is a reliable professional house cleaning service in Hoboken NJ that will help your home stay clean and smell great. They have a team of experienced cleaners that clean, disinfect, and use essential oils to give your home a unique spa-like cleaning experience. You are invited to visit them online to schedule an appointment and get a cleaner house that smells better today! https://www.vepoclean.com/hoboken-cleaning-service/